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The Advantages of Our UHMW Skid Shoes:

  • Unbreakable
  • Non-marking
  • Cheaper
  • Last longer


Problem Description

Most snowblower manufacturers are using metal skid shoes to control how deep the auger is picking up the snow. However, the downsides of metal skid shoes are many, such as their short duration, the fact that they bend when they hit an obstacle and the way they mark the surfaces they are rubbing on.


Soucy's Solution:

What allows us to produce the best polymer skid shoes on the market is our unique Direct Compression Molding Process (DCM). Other polymer solutions come from the use of injection molding, but injection molding is not suitable for the production of UHMW parts and therefore the skid shoes produced by DCM are better. The following table compares the properties of UHMW to metal and injection molded parts :

As you can see, the values of Relative Abrasion Resistance and Friction Coefficient are way lower than competition. In addition, our UHMW skid shoes are lighter, return to their original shape when deformed, won't wear down and more importantly won't mark or scratch concrete, asphalt and other architectural surfaces.


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