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Wheels in UHMW-PE polymer

Move faster and support more weight with strong wheels made from the best possible material: UHMW-PE polymer.

Reduce rolling resistance
Less tooling needed

Why choose polymer wheels?

  • Increase vehicle reaction thanks to reduced unsprung weight
  • Reduce power required to move forward
  • Reduce rolling resistance
  • Reduce wear in harsh conditions
  • Avoid permanent deformation caused by shock
  • Reduce vibration and noise level
  • Resist corrosion and impact
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less tooling needed
  • Faster replacement

Specific benefits of Soucy wheels

  • Unlimited choices of wheel sizes
  • Wheels available for heavy vehicles from 1/2 ton to 40 tons
  • Experts in custom UHMW-PE blends for high-performance applications

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